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Navratilova adoption on hold


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Adopting! The Podcast in the News

An Interview with Nicole Witt, host of the Adopting! Podcast.

Current Events

Overturning of Roe v. Wade Could Result in More Babies to Adopt

The end of Roe v. Wade may prove beneficial for millions of Americans hoping to adopt.

Celebrity Adoption

Naomi Campbell Faces Backlash After Her Comments On Adopted Children

Supermodel Naomi Campbell faces backlash from the adoption community after inadvertently making a controversial statement on adopted children.

Scam & Fraud

Intricate Adoption Scam Operation Provides A Cautionary Tale

The story of Tara Lee and Always Hope illustrates how a legitimate adoption agency can still perpetrate scams.

Feel Good

Supporting Employees Who Adopt Benefits Businesses, Too

When businesses actively support employees who wish to adopt, the employers also benefit according to a study by Baylor University

Adoption Law

Supreme Court Sides With Catholic Agency Refusing To Work With LGBTQ Foster Parents

A Supreme Court decision on Thursday ruled that Philadelphia violated the First Amendment when it froze funding to Catholic Social Services (CSS)

Adoption Law

Accusations of Unethical Practices Plague Popular Adoption Agency

Adoption agencies such as ANLC are suspected of improper practices and these questionable operations highlight what many say are the main problems with private adoption.

UK Women Forced Into Adoption Demand Government Apology

Women who felt they were coerced into placing their children for adoption now they want a formal apology from the government

Current Events

Baby Abandoned At Restaurant Will Be Placed for Adoption

A newborn baby abandoned at a Jersey City restaurant will be placed for adoption.

Celebrity Adoption

Woman Finds Birth Mother She Watched On TV As A Child

As a child in the 1970s, Lisa Wright loved watching an ABC sitcom called “That’s My Mama.” As an adult, she recently realized that the series’ title actually foretold her own true story.

Adoption Law

Benefits of Georgia's New and Improved Adoption Laws

The coronavirus pandemic delayed but ultimately could not stop the state of Georgia from improving its adoption practices. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in early 2020, Governor Brian Kemp introduced bills that, among other perks, would streamline adoption in the state.

Current Events

Reexamining Interracial Adoption In A Woke Culture

Can interracial adoption really be harmful to children? Bethany Christian Services wants an overhaul of the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act that prohibits racial discrimination in adoption cases.