Learning How To Keep Your Open Adoption Open

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Adopting! The Podcast, Episode 3

"Expect your plans to change. You don't know what your open adoption is going to look like for a lifetime. Don't worry about making plans for a year, or two years, or three. Just worry about the next three visits instead." - Linda Sexton, Open Adoption Pioneer

This is the last of 3 episodes in our series about openness. To wrap things up, we’re going to talk about some of the logistics concerning how you might actually manage openness in the early days, months, and years of your open adoption. Especially when things change along the way or don’t go exactly as you envisioned.

Joining me today for our discussion is Linda Sexton.

Linda is an open adoption speaker, author, blogger and adoptive mom. Despite her successful corporate career, her greatest joy in life is parenting and adopting her two children in 1994 and 1998, both in open arrangements. With little guidance available, she and her husband defined a path to stay in contact with their children’s birth parents throughout the children’s lives. Her greatest desire is to use her nearly three decades of open adoption experience to help those who are embarking on this same wonderful and sometimes frightening commitment.

Linda’s book The Branches We Cherish: An Open Adoption Memoir has been awarded a Gold Medal in the Florida Writers prestigious Royal Palm Literary Awards. It will be launched February 20, 2024 and is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Also, 100% of author profits will go towards organizations that support birth parents and adopted persons.

The Book: The Branches We Cherish: An Open Adoption Memoir

Linda's website: www.lindarsexton.com

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