409: Unfiltering Adoption: What's Been Filtered From Us Hurts Us

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This is a really special episode for me because not only am I the host, as I always am, I am also a guest. I’m so excited to announce on Adoption: The Long View, that within a month, a book I, along with my two guests, have spent the last 3 years envisioning, writing, and polishing will be out in the world. And we hope you get it in your hands, because the reason we wrote it was to reimagine adoption in a way that better serves the needs of adoptees and their parents.

The book I’ve written with adoptee Sara Easterly and birth mom Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard is called Adoption Unfiltered: Revelations from Adoptees, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Allies. When you think about it, if you come into adoptive parenting without knowing what adoption is like from all these vantage points, you are already at a disadvantage.

We bring forward some of the issues in adoption that (a) keep us in a state of misunderstanding each other, and (b) keep the general public in misunderstandings and stereotypes about adoption – which can ultimately affect us. Who among us hasn’t experienced that?

We offer ideas that will foster true openness on how we practice adoption in our homes and in our society and make it truly adoptee-centered. We offer valuable information about attachment, thanks to Sara’s work with the Neufeld Institute, studying under the renowned Dr Gordon Neufeld. We critically examine adoption policy, thanks to Kelsey’s connection with the nonprofit organization Ethical Family Building. We do not shy away from the hard topics within adoption. And in doing so, we’ve had to work through conflicts we experienced among us during our writing and editing processes. In other words, we have had to walk our talk.

So I am thoroughly, 100% excited to bring you, once again (we spoke together before in episode 205) my co-authors, colleagues in the adoption space, video podcasting partners, and friends, Sara Easterly and Kelsey Vander Vliet Ranyard. Listen in!

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Website: Adoption Unfiltered

Book: Adoption Unfiltered: Revelations from Adoptees, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Allies

Video/podcast: Adoption Unfiltered

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